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Children and Computers

    Computers can be an excellent learning tool for children, as well as interactive entertainment that is much more engaging then the television.  But if not supervised a child can quickly cause damage to a computer environment.  Any child under 8 should be “accompanied” on the computer at all times.  Children under 16 should be supervised.

    Make sure the computer is in an easy to see location like the family room or kitchen, not in a bedroom or den, so you are able to supervise a child the entire time they are using the computer. 

    Provide age appropriate games for children to enjoy.  Check the box or website for age recommendations.  Play the games yourself before letting the child play and make sure they are not too difficult or graphic for the child. 

    If they will be using the internet be sure to install an internet filter on the computer. Some examples are:

    Most Importantly, encourage children to enjoy and explore the computer, but limit their computer time to an appropriate amount.